Revive of the USA

Revive. Regenerate. Revitalize.

Lake Ave Recovery is thrilled to announce our partnership with Revive of the USA and, head trainer, Anthony Bizzotto. Revive is a recovery community out-reach program made up of a mobile team of certified and insured fitness trainers. With extensive experience in both fitness and recovery, they focus on integrating fitness into healing.

Revive understands that exercise and nutrition play an important role in recovery process. Food and fitness have shown to not only impact one’s body but also their mood and mental health. Incorporated into Lake Ave Recovery’s drug and alcohol treatment program,

Revive aims at providing clients with healthy tools to cope and the knowledge on how to be healthy and active safely in order to sustain a healthier more amplified life post-program. Most of all, Revive aims to empower and believes with empowerment comes confidence.

About Anthony Bizzotto

Anthony, Co-Founder, President and Head Trainer at Revive, joins Lake Ave Recovery weekly for dynamic fitness training sessions. Having struggled with addiction himself, Anthony knows first-hand the importance of fitness and movement in the crucial stages of recovery. Now 6 years sober, Anthony is grateful for his sobriety and often reflects on how physical exercise has helped him to get to a point where he is able to devote his life to helping others.  

Anthony attended Fitchburg State University where he played football and later went on to play on a professional level in Mexico and Canada. Always expressing his passion for strength and fitness, in college he pursued a major in Exercise Science.


Anthony’s training philosophy incorporates the mind, body and spirit. He believes in openness in recovery and often states, “you can’t heal from what you don’t reveal.” His astonishing and genuine commitment to helping and healing is apparent in every training session and all the lives he has touched.