Our Program

Lake Avenue Recovery provides our clients with an understanding of addiction and its ensuing complexities. Starting with an introduction to the neuroscience of the brain and the circuits that are impacted when one uses mind-altering substances will establish a foundation and insight into the machinations and various skills necessary to achieve and enjoy a life in the company of family and friends. 

We use our waterfront location and therapeutic environment to maximize the practical and often life changing experiences that one will encounter as a participant in a Lake Avenue Recovery Program. We employ an array of evidence-based treatment activities and wellness activities that, when combined with self-help and spirit-centered philosophies create an intensive immersion program, designed to increase successful outcomes. 

Seasonal offerings like rowing, kayaking, and sailing, along with tradition holistic pursuits, like massage, Reiki, Tai-Chi, Qigong and meditation are all designed to bring joy back into a person’s life. Our dedication and compassion combine to provide a unique approach that separates us from other drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Day Treatment near Worcester, MA

The Day Treatment Program is our most comprehensive level of care. Day Treatment meets daily from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. We offer a trauma informed holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment that includes; an individualized treatment plan that focuses on a person’s Strengths, Need, Abilities and Preferences, psycho-educational, evidence based, solution focused settings, integrating a wellness approach that uses experiential activities like, yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, massage, acupuncture, and personal training under the supervision of licensed clinical professionals to optimize personal growth. 

Onsite access to psychopharmacology and support for Medical Assisted Recovery (MAR) is available. Our Program allows for individuals to focus on developing lifelong recovery skills while maintaining structure to maximize the recovery environment and minimize exposure to high risk encounters.

Intensive Outpatient Program near Me

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), is often the treatment of choice for most substance use disorders, including opioid dependence. IOP is offered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and includes psychoeducational group and individual therapy, along with a host of complimentary holistic activities. Participation in nutritional instruction and wellness activities such as yoga, massage, Reiki, personal training and meditation is optional but recommended. 

Seasonal activities such as kayaking, rowing, sailing and boating are typically available in more temperate weather conditions and are conducted under clinical supervision. An IOP sessions consists of a minimum of two (2) sessions: A “Therapy Group” allows client to address issues of current concern to them as individuals. A “Dimension Group” focuses on skills needed to overcome the life difficulties discovered in the initial assessment. Individual sessions and case management are scheduled weekly.

Our Services

Our addiction treatment services include:

Day Treatment Program

Evening Treatment Program

Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)

12-step-based programs, Overdose Prevention

Neurobiology of Addiction

Registered dieticians

Individual counseling

Individualized drug treatment plans

Yoga classes, Membership to LA Fitness

Reiki, Massage

Therapy dogs

Psychopharmacology for MAR and Mental Health Disorders

Aftercare planning

Multi-Media Groups


Addiction Treatment, Outpatient Services and Our Promise to You

Comfort, Curiosity, Care and Concern, are the cornerstones of our individualized care. We promise to deliver outstanding substance use disorder treatment with an emphasis in the following areas: Distress Tolerance, Regulation and Co-regulation, these skills are integral components of care and a primary focus as it relates to coping skills and ongoing life harmony. Co-regulation stresses the importance of “calming together” through a partner, family member, a support group or other supportive community outlets. Co-regulation helps to normalize the difficulty of practicing coping skills independently and increases the one’s ability to ask for help.

Understanding Attachment and its relationship to family dynamics and decision making.

Trauma Informed Care and Trauma and its impact our ability to manage our emotions and behaviors?

Understanding Triggers and the Body’s Alarm System, understanding the brain’s Flight, Fight, or Freeze response Helping Individuals

Recover through Trauma Recovery and Empowerment and the use of exponential activities

Design to bring joy back into one’s life.