About Mathew O'Malley

Matthew O'Malley

Matthew joined the Business Development team at Lake Ave Recovery after leading a national business development team for Simple Path Recovery for the past two years. 

Matthew grew up watching his Mother struggle with substance use disorder and mental illness, eventually losing her battle.  He too struggled with the disease of addiction for over a decade, which brought him to a point in his life where he felt there was little left to hope for.  However, after entering recovery and finding a new way to live, Matthew discovered that one addict helping another truly is without parallel.  His journey brought him to find joy in his own life and helping guide others to do the same, while keeping his Mother’s spirit alive.  This new-found sense of freedom led Matthew to what he feels is his calling in life – helping others find recovery and providing them with a variety of resources to suit their individual needs. 

He is a state-certified recovery coach, national advocate for those battling addiction, and is determined to break the stigma by using his voice and sharing personal experiences in the community.  He has a passion for public speaking, works closely with various non-profits such as Heroin is Killing My Town and Malden Overcoming Addiction, and has developed strong relationships with some of the best facilities nationwide.  

He previously worked for Banyan Treatment Center in Wilmington, MA and Crossroads Recovery in Salem, NH, where he developed professional skills and expanded his knowledge on various treatment methods.  Matthew views each day as a chance for a new beginning and that everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. He refuses to give up on anybody and understands the depth of asking for help, which he is happy to be able to do today.