Expressive Arts Therapy

Lake Ave Recovery’s Expressive Arts Therapy, led by Nicole Shattuck, is a one-of-a-kind art program that allows clients to express themselves beyond their words. Nicole truly understands the importance of incorporating alternative interventions, including creative expression, to assist clients in exploration of their mind, body, and spirit while on their journey towards health, happiness and recovery. 

This program has been ground-breaking for our clients in helping them convey thoughts and feelings using more than their words. Nicole incorporates a variety of methods, including painting, drawing, photography and music, for clients to display their ingenuity and imagination while practicing introspection and safe coping skills.
The healing power of art therapy has proven to play an important role in successful addiction treatment and long-term recovery. Art Therapy has shown to improve self-esteem and serve as healthy outlet for stress and triggers. Anxiety and depression are also often lessened when participating in rewarding activities that include creativity and resourcefulness.