Evening Addiction Treatment Program in Worcester

For the individual with daytime commitments, Evening Treatment Services may be the right choice for you. Our Evening Treatment Program is tailored for individuals with work, education or family responsibilities.  We provide short-term evening programming that consists of intensive treatment within a stable therapeutic milieu. Our Evening Treatment Program makes it easy to accommodate drug and alcohol treatment into busy schedules, so you or your loved one can get the help you need while working, attending school or raising kids.  People can attend our addiction treatment program that meets up to four times per week, Monday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.


 Length of stay generally ranges between two to four (2-4) weeks, declining in intensity as the individual establishes community supports and resumes normal daily activities.

It is suggested that the individuals living environment, however compromised, offers enough psychosocial stability to warrant evening treatment, and their biomedical condition is stable enough to be managed in an outpatient setting.


Our Evening Treatment Program includes individual sessions, group sessions and the ability to participate in a plethora of complimentary wellness activities as one’s schedule and/or family commitments will allow.

The program meets in the early evening for 3.5 hours and typically includes didactic sessions, process groups, 12 step facilitation, and experiential offerings that focus on the skills needed to overcome the problem areas that uncovered in the initial assessment. Individual sessions and case management are scheduled weekly.

Clinical Components Of Our Evening Treatment Services

  1. Evaluation within one day of referral or as soon as individual can schedule an appointment, often times same day can be accommodated.

Lake Avenue Recovery evaluations ensure that assessments are conducted, and include but are not limited to, review and assessment of:

  • History of presenting problem
  • Chief complaints and symptoms
  • Past BH/SUD history
  • Past medical history
  • Family, social history and linguistic cultural background
  • Current substance abuse
  • Mental status exam
  • Previous medication trials, current medications, and any allergies
  • Diagnosis and clinical formulation
  • Level of functioning
  • The individual’s strengths, and the supportive family strengths available
  • Name of PCP
  1. Admission into the program within 24 hours of the initial evaluation.
  2. Our Evening Treatment Program has the capacity to treat and stabilize an individual if they present in crisis or if their mental status deteriorates, unless the individual is a danger to self-and/or others or sufficient impairments exist, which indicate that a more intensive level of service is required.
  3. Evening Treatment Services are designed to provide flexible treatment that promulgates stabilization within the community, diverts an inpatient admission, or facilitates a rapid and stable reintegration into the community as a step down from an inpatient admission.
  4. A psychiatrist will review each admission to assess the medical, psychiatric, and pharmacological treatment needs.

Lake Avenue Recovery provides individually customized, time-limited, comprehensive, and coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans, which include multiple services and modalities delivered in an outpatient setting. 

A multidisciplinary team, with the consent of the client and as clinically appropriate, coordinates with the client’s providers to develop an integrated treatment and discharge plan.

Programming emphasizes a solution-focused approach to increase the client’s ability to function in the community.

Lake Avenue Recovery ensures access to qualified clinicians able to meet the cultural, linguistic, and ethnic needs of all clients served within their local community.

Lake Avenue Recovery ensures that a written aftercare plan is available to the client on the day of discharge.

Lake Avenue Recovery actively coordinates and promotes client access to peer and self-help group services as appropriate.

Lake Avenue Recovery has wellness, self-help, and recovery information and resources, including but not limited to: written consumer/survivor accounts of recovery experiences, a listing of other self-help groups (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other 12-step models, and other groups with local and statewide Members), and a listing of advocacy and wellness organizations statewide (i.e., National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, PAL, Independent Living Centers, etc.).