Enlightened Intervention, LLC

Discover the Enlightened Difference

Enlightened Interventions, founded by Elizabeth Belliveau, is a multi service practice providing mental health counseling, training and consulting, and holistic health and wellness practices, to adults, children, adolescents, families, and agencies. They specialize in providing individualized, competent, quality care for client’s minds, bodies, and spirits.

Mind Intervention

Enlightened offers a wide variety of interventions aimed at supporting healthy functioning of the mind, including counseling

services, occupational therapy services, expressive arts therapy, mental health therapy and hypnotherapy.

Body Intervention

The mind-body connection is a strongly bonded intersection that must be treated within an integrative and holistic philosophy.

Enlightened offers massage therapy, reflexology, yoga,integrative nursing and nutritional counseling.

Spirit Intervention


Enlightened celebrates clients’ resilience, their ability to overcome, and their natural energy as both an agent of change and powerful life force.

They offer many services to help clients find balance of spirit, including reiki and holistic stress relief.

True wellness is the pursuit of balance in mind, body and spirit. Enlightened Interventions believes in helping clients achieve and sustain overall wellness through integrative, strength-based services for your mind, body, and spirit. Their licensed practitioners specialize in offering the best in holistic services that Worcester County and Cape Cod has to offer, and are committed to working collaboratively with you to design a wellness plan that meets your ongoing needs while being affordable and sustainable.