Addiction Aftercare Program

The Journey Doesn’t End Here.

At Lake Avenue Recovery, we know that the transition from treatment to your daily routine is not an easy one and that is why the aftercare planning aspect is so crucial. Your treatment team will be there to guide you throughout treatment, and you will work together to come up with an aftercare plan that is best for you. This is a key stage in recovery in order to prevent relapse and sustain order in each client’s life after they leave our care. Addiction is complex and our goal is to make your recovery as simple as possible through your individualized treatment plan at Lake Avenue Recovery.

What do I do after I leave Lake Avenue Recovery?

As part of the continuum of treatment, aftercare is an important part of the recovery process. Not only will our treatment team help individuals navigate their obligations to family and friends, but our dedicated clinical staff will also address everyone’s education, employment, living situation, relationships and any other aspect of their life that may impact their recovery.