Specialized Services

In addition to the regular treatment services for substance use disorders outlined in this manual, Lake Avenue Recovery offers the following specialized services to clients and the community.


Provided to persons or agencies that have concerns regarding substance use by an individual or groups of individuals. Consultations may result in recommendations for evaluation and treatment, Employee Assistance Programs, etc.

Psychiatric evaluation/consultation

A consulting psychiatrist may be available to assist clients actively involved in substance use disorder counseling manage their co-existence with psychiatric systems using medication.

Emergency services

Emergency policies and procedures are in place to stabilize clients who are traumatized or seriously ill. When indicated, clients are transferred to an appropriate facility for personal specialized care.


Encouragement to become involved in self-help groups is an integral part of the treatment. The department provides clients with information on meetings, how to access further information, how to conduct oneself at meetings, how to maximize their benefit and assistance with introduction to group members and transportation to meetings.

Family support groups

Weekly Family Support Groups are help for families of Lake Avenue Recovery clients. These groups are intended to assist family members in adjusting to the changes required of the recovering alcohol/drug client. Information about the process of recovery is provided. Families inevitably provide invaluable support to one another.

Drug/alcohol screening

Drug screening, urine toxicology and breathalyzer tests are utilized regularly. In some cases, this service is provided to clients independently from any ongoing treatment. Clients who need test results for professional licensing boards or employers would fit in this category.

Medical evaluation/screening and follow-up

All clients are assessed for their need for medical treatment and receive follow-up assessment. If medical problems would develop during their treatment at Lake Avenue Recovery, clients may be referred for a proper medical evaluation/treatment.