Accredited Internship Program

The Lake Ave Recovery Internship Program introduces both bachelor’s and master’s level students to the integral role licensed clinicians play in drug and alcohol recovery. As America’s addiction crisis rages on, our goal is to show students how their work can make a meaningful and noticeable impact by providing experience in a broad range of clinical skills. We aim to offer students a broad understanding of the field of social work, to recognize and apply learned skills and principles firsthand. Lake Ave Recovery is committed to diversity, inclusion and providing a professional work environment that is beneficial to both interns as well as clients.


An internship at Lake Ave Recovery provides hands-on training in a variety of fields:

  • Substance use and mental health disorders
  • Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy principles
  • Psychosocial assessments
  • Crisis interventions
  • Mindfulness and experiential services
  • Policies and regulations
  • Program administration and operations
  • Web content and social marketing

Lake Ave Recovery and Dr. James DiReda have a longstanding relationship with Anna Maria College, as well as a number of other universities. An internship at Lake Ave will provide you with field credit for your degree in Social Work, Psychology or other disciplines. “Field education provides students with an opportunity to assimilate, integrate, apply, and connect conceptual knowledge, theories and constructs that they have learned in the classroom to generalist and advanced generalist social work practice. “


Meet our Interns

Brett Carpenter

Brett is in his second year of Anna Maria College’s Masters in Social Work program. He is especially passionate about helping those with substance use disorders and hopes to gain essential knowledge and experience in clinical level practice during his time with Lake Ave Recovery. Brett has always found himself in positions of helping others. Prior to pursuing a degree in social work, he worked as an EMT and a firefighter, helping to tackle the brush fires affecting the state of Washington. Brett is eager to learn first hand what it is like working in the social work field.

Katherin Drumm-Schwartz

Katherine joins Lake Ave Recovery while in her senior year at Endicott College. With plans to pursue her Masters in Social Work after completing her undergraduate degree, she is happy to be gaining hands-on experience in the clinical field.  Despite her busy senior year schedule, Katherine manages to find time to partake in her favorite extracurricular actives, which include, baking, cooking and spending time outdoors with her two dogs. She also enjoys making photo collages with her sister and other artistic endeavors.

Erlin Nelson

Erlin is currently in his Senior year at Anna Maria College. He is eager and enthusiastic to learn valuable skills that he plants to implement as a future social worker. Erlin appreciates observing and learning about all aspects of substance use disorder treatment as well as the day-to-day operations of Lake Ave Recovery. He approaches every task with openness and a positive attitude. In his free time, Erlin enjoys playing video games, watching movies, cooking, cleaning, exercising, traveling and going to church.