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Outpatient services allows clients to receive tailored one-on-one treatment and services

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Proven Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

The team at Lake Avenue Recovery is firmly grounded in the philosophy that sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an unbelievable breakthrough. At our addiction treatment center on the shores of Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA, our entire staff has the professional training necessary to guide each client to their highest potential through substance use disorder recovery.

Addiction Treatment Programs near Me

Whether it’s our Day Treatment Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, Evening Treatment Program or Outpatient Services, help with addiction treatment for alcohol and drug problems is available when you need it, and at the location you need that is right for you. Lake Avenue Recovery is located on Lake Avenue North in Worcester and offers a discrete and distinguished environment in which to recover. Our multi-faceted addiction treatment services are designed to help to identify and diminish the compulsive obsession to use drugs and alcohol. We are here for you.

Support for Family and Friends of Addicted Individuals

We offer weekly Support meetings for the friends and family of individuals suffering from substance use disorders. We know that drug and alcohol addiction affect people who love those with a substance use disorder, and we provide support meetings for them as well. Join us for our educational and support family meetings every week held at our Lake Avenue North facility serving greater Worcester county and beyond.

Drug Treatment Options after Lake Avenue Recovery

We help you find the right recovery path; our treatment includes a wide variety of holistic and traditional offerings: Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage, Meditation, Personal Training, Nutrition, and Yoga. Our aftercare planning includes sober house placement, health club membership, a variety of recovery supports in the Central Massachusetts area, and educational sessions focused on employment to facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce.
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Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

We accept most insurance plans. However, we believe that everyone who struggles with a substance abuse disorder deserves to have access to the addiction treatment they need. If an individual doesn’t have health insurance, they should contact our Central Massachusetts addiction treatment center to discuss a financial plan that fits or let us help find the right services for you. Complete our insurance verification form to learn more about this.


We have a longstanding foundation in the treatment and recovery community.

Lake Avenue Recovery is a state licensed and Joint Commission accredited organization committed to promoting, maintaining, and restoring the dignity, well-being and mental health for those with substance use disorders and their families serving greater Worcester county and beyond.

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